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A place where you can find God and His plan for you.

An Evangel education combines a Christ-centered worldview with the knowledge and practical experience you need to prepare for your vocational calling. Offering degree programs from the undergraduate to doctoral level, Evangel’s departments offer access to relevant degree programs and committed faculty. Whether you are a first time college student or a working adult, choose an academic area to see how EU can help unleash your potential.

Our commitment to the integration of faith, learning, and life attract students from a wide variety of Christian backgrounds. These students have a strong commitment to academics and an even stronger desire to combine their Christian faith with every aspect of their lives.

More U.S. jobs than ever will go to college graduates. A recent report by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce states that 35% of the job openings in 2020 will require at least a bachelor’s degree.

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Undergraduate Degrees & Certificates In-Person

A Quality Private Education Close to Home Without All of the Debt





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June 11

Find Your Calling: Start Here

With more than 70 academic programs, 40 campus clubs, and 54,000 alumni serving worldwide, Evangel University offers you the skills you will need to be successful and friendships to last a lifetime. You will find a transformational experience waiting for you within our Spirit-empowered community.

Whatever your calling and career dreams are, we can help you get there! From A to Z, we’ve got you covered academically. Get our full list of degree programs, costs, scholarship opportunities, and much more! Then, you can request more information, visit campus, or apply. If you’re curious or just need support, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to assist you every step of the way.

Earn Your Bachelor’s and Master’s in Five Years for Half the Cost

Sounds like an excellent deal, right? It is! 

At Evangel, we believe in the importance of financial freedom. The 4+1 Fast Track Scholarship is designed to help future ministers to live a life with minimal student loan debt. 

In the Fast Track program, you can earn your bachelor’s degree from Evangel University and master’s degree from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS) in just five years. You can be enrolled in any undergraduate major to qualify for the Fast Track program. 

Once you’ve finished your bachelor’s degree requirements, you can enroll at AGTS in one of four master’s programs. 

  • Master of Leadership & Ministry
  • Master of Leadership & Ministry with Expository Preaching Track
  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies
  • Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies

5 years
Earn two degrees in a short time

50% discount
Apply for a tuition discount in your fifth year of study*

Mentorship Cohort
Strong emphasis on life and ministry mentoring

Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Accounting
  • Allied Health
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Science & Sustainability
  • Art
  • Art Education
  • Biblical Languages
  • Biblical Studies
  • Biology
  • Biology Education
  • Biopsychology
  • Business Education
  • Business Management
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry Education
  • Children’s Ministries
  • Church Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Communication Arts Education
  • Community Relief & Development
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Disability Studies
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Electronic Media
  • Elementary Education
  • English
  • English Education
  • Exercise Science
  • Film & Broadcasting
  • Finance
  • FIne Arts: Graphic Design
  • Fine Arts: Studio Track
  • Forensic Science
  • French
  • French Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare – Nursing
  • HIstory
  • Human Resource Management
  • Humanities
  • Intercultural Studies – Missions
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Education
  • Middle School Education
  • Military Science – ROTC
  • Multimedia Journalism
  • Music
  • Music Education
  • Music Performance
  • Music: Recording Technology
  • Nonprofit Business & Social Enterprise
  • Personal Training
  • Philosophy
  • Photography: Art Emphasis
  • Photography: Communication Emphasis
  • Physical Education (K-12)
  • Physical Science
  • Physics
  • Pre-Athletic Training
  • Pre-Chiropractic
  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Pre-Engineering
  • Pre-Law
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy: Allied Health Track
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy; Biology Track
  • Pre-Optometry
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Physical Therapy: Allied Health Track
  • Pre-Physical Therapy: Biology Track
  • Pre-Physician Assistant
  • Pre-Veterinary
  • Preaching
  • Psychology
  • Psychology in the Church
  • Social Science
  • Social Science Education
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Special Education/Cross-Categorical Disabilities
  • Sport Management
  • Strategic Communication: Advertising, Promotion & Public Relations Track
  • Strategic Communication: Communication Studies Track
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • Theatre
  • Theatre/Music
  • Theatre/Speech Education
  • Visual & Digital Arts: BFS & Digital Arts Track
  • Visual & Digital Arts: Visual & Media Design Track
  • Worship Leadership
  • Writing
  • Youth Ministries


Bachelor’s Degrees – Online

  • Behavioral Health (Online)
  • Business Management (Online)
  • General Studies – Bachelor of Science (Online)


Associate Degrees

  • Associate of Arts
  • Biblical Studies – Associate of Arts
  • Business Administration – Associate of Arts
  • Business Management – Associate of Arts (Online)
  • Childcare & Development – Associate of  Arts
  • Communication Studies – Associate of  Arts
  • Electronic Media – Associate of  Arts
  • General Education – Associate of  Arts
  • General Studies – Associate of  Arts (Online)
  • Intercultural Studies – Associate of  Arts
  • Photography & Film – Associate of  Arts
  • Pre-Nursing – Associate of  Arts


  • Business Analytics Certificate



Undergraduate Degrees & Certificates Online

A Quality Private Education Close to Home Without All of the Debt







Find Your Calling: Start Here

Take the next step to complete your undergraduate degree in an affordable, Christian environment that’s close to home.

At Evangel, we focus on preparing students to bring into the world values that will have a positive impact on a global scale.

As the world changes, we work to enhance our existing strengths. We are called to develop curriculum that integrates Biblical principles. Our tuition is affordable! It provides our students with the opportunity to focus on service and ministry upon graduation, not student debt. With our on-campus and online class formats, you can get your education close to home – wherever that may be!

You will find a transformational experience waiting for you within our Spirit-empowered community. 

Behavioral Health (B.S.)


Develop the skills you need to integrate a whole-health approach to patient care and learn strategic intervention methods that will equip you to effectively serve patients.

Our instructors have real-world experience in behavioral health careers and will use their knowledge to prepare you to make a difference in the world. You’ll learn about

  • Theories of health and unhealthy human development
  • Etiology and impact of addictions
  • Methodology for crisis intervention
  • Diversity concepts

With this degree, you will develop a Christian worldview that promotes ethical patient care and behavioral health practices and integrates your heart for service with the scientific understanding of human behavior to advance your vocational calling.

Potential job titles and projected growth between 2018 – 2028:

  • Mental Health Counselors – 22%, faster than average growth
  • Social Workers – 12%, average growth
  • Behavioral Disorder Counselors – 22%, much faster than average growth
Business Management (B.S.)


You shouldn’t have to choose between professional development and the reality of your day-to-day responsibilities. With our flexible online program, you will be challenged to further develop your business management skills while pursuing your vocational calling.

Refine your leadership abilities through comprehensive instruction in organization design and management, business law, accounting principles, and human resource management.

    Potential job titles and projected job growth between 2018 – 2028 include:

    • Marketing Manager – 8%, faster than average
    • Business Analyst – 14%, much faster than average
    • Sales Manager – 5%, faster than average
    General Studies (B.S.)


    Our General Studies bachelor’s degree program is designed for hardworking adults like you who desire a foundational education upon which to launch your career trajectory.

    Position yourself for personal enrichment and vocational advancement through our streamlined bachelor’s degree program designed with you in mind. Flexible course offerings and an entirely online format complement your busy lifestyle.

    A broad range of courses in relevant topics such as culture and diversity, statistical analysis, and writing for the professional will enhance your skills and allow for integration in a wide range of vocational pursuits.

    You will also have the opportunity to build upon your Christian worldview and identify ways to integrate your faith with your calling.

    Church Ministries (B.S.)


    If you feel called to ministry, our online Church Ministries program will equip you to build and lead the local church.

    Learn how to engage the world of the Bible and bring to life its teachings through our comprehensive degree program. Develop your preaching, teaching, and leadership skills as you learn from professors with many years of real-world ministry experience.

    Ideal for current or prospective ministers and teachers, our online program will allow you to further develop your ministry giftings while pursuing your vocational calling. Gain foundational knowledge in spiritual formation and discipleship, church polity and law, Pentecostal foundations, and pastoral counseling.

    A focus on the development of healthy relationships, both within and outside the church, is a cornerstone of the program. Advance your calling as you pursue your ministry passion.

    General Studies (A.A.)

    Gain a broad understanding of foundational concepts in English, natural science, behavioral and social sciences, humanities, Bible, and elective classes.

    Customize your degree program to pursue fields of interest that appeal to you.

    Our experienced professors will provide guidance and mentorship as you discover your calling and identify your giftings. You will be empowered to implement communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills as you pursue your path to degree completion.

    Our associates’ degree will prepare you for advanced learning through one of our comprehensive bachelor’s degree programs or position you for success in the career calling of your choice. Take advantage of the flexibility of our entirely online program to enhance your portfolio and further your education.

    Business Management (A.A.)

    Get the degree you need online for the career you want. Practical. Affordable. Achievable.

    You shouldn’t have to choose between professional development and the reality of your day-to-day responsibilities. With our flexible online program, you will be challenged to further develop your business management skills while pursuing your vocational calling.

    Refine your leadership abilities through comprehensive instruction in organization design and management, business law, accounting principles, and human resource management.

    Establish a foundational understanding of the art of business management to advance in your career or pursue a four-year degree.

    Business Analytics (Cert)

    Certificate program beginning Fall 2020

    Enhance your knowledge of analytics and use that knowledge to help guide business strategy and growth. Discover how computational, statistical, and information technology tools are used to give insight into trends and relevant business information. Big data often presents big problems for businesses. Use your skills in data analytics to overcome challenges and anticipate future business needs.

    Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention (Cert)

    If you are in a helping field, or feel called to a career in mental health, counseling, or psychology, this certificate will enhance your skills.

    Gain a foundational understanding of common crisis issues and learn how to assist individuals facing domestic violence, sexual abuse, mental illness, and substance abuse. Gain skills in relevant assessment and intervention models as you guide people towards a healthy response to stress and its triggers.

    Experienced professors provide guided mentorship as you pursue a behavioral health-focused career and learn valuable strategies in recognizing patterns of abuse and neglect and the psychology of adjustment and personal development.

    Our flexible format includes four online, accelerated, five-week courses that accommodate your busy lifestyle. These courses are also included within the program scope of our Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health program should you decide to pursue our undergraduate degree option.

    Worship Arts Leadership (Cert)

    This certificate program provides the foundation in leadership principles and musical practices needed to reach the church community at large. The theological depth of this program will enable students to lead in ministry and produce appropriate service design at the highest level.


    1. Discover personal ministry values
    2. Discover and explore positive results of strategic service design
    3. Develop long-term ministry relationships that develop at the local church level
    4. Foster and strengthen involvement in leading or participating in local church worship arts programs 


    • Three (3) online, five (5) week courses
    • 9 credit hour program
    Paralegal (Cert)



    Graduate Degrees & Certificates Online

    A Quality Private Education Close to Home Without All of the Debt




    AUG 23








    Sharpen Your Calling: Start Here

    With a range of graduate programs, Evangel University offers you the added skills to advance your career and calling. With cutting-edge classes, you’ll find  a transformational experience waiting for you within our Spirit-empowered community. 

    At Evangel, you can start your graduate education without a GRE or GMAT score.

    Master of Organizational Leadership


    Develop your personal leadership philosophy that integrates biblical values and ethics while gaining the skills you need to effectively lead your organization.

    Our innovative Master of Organizational Leadership degree program will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement strategic planning and change management into your organization.

    Refine your problem-solving and analytical skills as you identify concepts and behaviors of highly functioning organizations and implement those practices into your area of leadership. Our experienced professors will provide hands-on and practical training in the implementation of the Baldrige Excellence Framework, strategic management, organizational design and development, and communications and community relations.

    Our streamlined program allows for flexibility with your busy lifestyle and may be completed in two years. If you are an aspiring leader ready to hone your skills or a current leader with a desire to expand your influence, this program is for you.

    Program start dates:

    • Fall 2020: August 25
    • Spring 2021: January 12
    • Fall 2021: August 24
    Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)


    Take your leadership abilities to the next level as you gain skills in administrative-level oversight in K-12 schools.

    The Master of Education in Educational Leadership prepares you for principal certification after completing the Missouri Department of Secondary and Elementary Education building-level administrator licensing exam. You will learn from outstanding faculty members that brings years of experience and knowledge to the classroom to help you grow in your calling. Some features of the Master of Education in Educational Leadership are:

    • Extensive preparation for Missouri licensing
    • Opportunities for hands-on internships
    • High-quality online instruction from faculty with real-world experience

    Join a community of students, who, like you, are ready to move forward in their career with a faith-based education that prepares K-12 leaders to impact their world. 

    Program start dates:

    • Fall
    • Spring
    • Summer
    Curriculum & Instruction (M.Ed.)


    This online, 30-credit program is designed to advance your skills in the latest techniques in classroom instruction and curriculum design.

    Learning from seasoned professors who have years of real-world experience, you’ll enhance your abilities and develop strategies and concepts necessary for maximum impact as an educator. Learn the latest techniques in classroom instruction and curriculum design that will empower you to embrace your calling as a leader.

    • Customize your experience by choosing educational courses specific to your interests.
    • Take advantage of our Teaching English as a Second Language program option.
    • Enjoy courses that are delivered fully online.
    • Develop a professional mentoring relationship with seasoned professors who have real-world teaching experience.

    Program start dates:

    • Fall
    • Spring
    • Summer
    Literacy (M.Ed.)


    Inspire a passion for reading in the next generation of students as you build your leadership in literacy skills.

    Literacy is one of the basic human needs for success and a bright future. Our Master’s program will empower you as a literacy leader and equip you with strategies to lead students to ongoing success in all fields of study.

    Outstanding faculty members offer professional mentoring and insightful instruction drawn from years of experience as teachers, reading specialists, literacy coaches, principals, and consultants. These are people of deep faith who embrace teaching and literacy leadership as a calling. Our Literacy program features:

    • High-quality internships with the opportunity to participate in the Evangel Literacy Lab.
    • A practical, hands-on approach to literacy instruction.
    • Experienced online instructors that are driven to empowering educators.
    • Preparation for expert classroom teaching, reading intervention, and literacy leadership.

    The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) provides a K-12 Special Reading Certificate. Literacy students are eligible to apply for certification at the conclusion of the Master of Education in Literacy program. For more information visit DESE’s K-12 Special Reading certification requirements.

    The two course per semester format maximizes personal learning and provides flexible schedule options that complement your busy lifestyle.

    Program start dates:

    • Fall
    • Spring
    • Summer
    Clinical Mental Health Counseling (M.S.)

    Combine your passion for helping others with the training and hands-on experience you need to become a professional counselor.

    Our comprehensive program combines practical and theoretical training led by experienced instructors. You will be prepared to work in a variety of mental health settings, including community mental health, private practice, medical facilities, substance abuse programs, correctional facilities and more.

    Our program focuses on integrating a faith-based approach to building an ethical counseling practice that addresses a client’s holistic health. You’ll learn the foundations of:

    • Psychodiagnostics
    • Human growth and development
    • Research method
    • Social and cultural diversity

    You’ll also receive the knowledge you need to take the National Counselor Exam (NCE), which you can take on campus, as Evangel is a national testing site for the NCE.

    Check out information about:


    This program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP) thru October 31, 2027.

    Program start date:

    • Fall
    School Counseling (M.S.)

    Serve students with an integrated and faith-based approach to counseling services.

    Our rigorous master’s degree program will ensure that you receive the training needed to impact the lives of students and their families in a school setting.

    Our experienced instructors combine practical and theoretical teaching with hands-on experience to set the stage for your career success in the counseling field. Small class sizes and one-on-one interactions allow you to hone your skills in integrating a faith-based approach to providing holistic care.

    You’ll learn about:

    • Classroom management
    • Social and cultural diversity
    • Psychology of education
    • Intelligence testing

    Our program will provide you with the knowledge needed to take the National Counselor Exam, and by taking extra electives you may also earn certification as a School Psychological Examiner.

    Check out information about:


    This program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP) thru October 31, 2027. 

    Program start date:

    • Fall
    Educational Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction (Ph.D.)


    Our rigorous program will advance your leadership capabilities and position you for greater success in the classroom or in top supervisory roles in K-12 education.

    You will be challenged to expand your knowledge of curriculum and design, educational funding, resource management, and effective learning techniques. Delivered through a cohort model, our program allows you to collaborate with and learn from peers in education. Highlighted throughout is the use of technology as an instructional tool.

    The program can be completed fully online or through a blended delivery of online and seated courses.  Seasoned professors with K-12 and university teaching and leadership experience provide hands-on and practical training as you are guided to program completion.

    Our specially designed course offerings will prepare you to pursue career advancement as a curriculum specialist, assessment officer, building-level or central office school leader, university professor, or administrator. You may also pursue certification as a K-12 school superintendent upon successful course completion.

    Program start date:

    • Summer
    School Psychological Examiner (Cert)

    Enhance your master’s degree and teaching or student services certificate with this certification to help connect students to resources and services they need to succeed.

    This certification program enables you to serve in the public school system and determine student’s eligibility for specialized guidance and services. Our experienced instructors combine hands-on training with practical instruction to ensure your call to service is enhanced with a solid base of education and support.

    You will learn:

    • Advanced developmental psychology
    • Psychology of education
    • Intelligence testing
    • Research methods and statistics

    Combined with our master’s counseling programs, this certification will enhance your ability to make an impact in the lives of students and their families and ensure they have the best chance of success in their learning environment.

    Lean Six Sigma (Cert)

    Discover how to beat the competition and produce your best work by gaining key leadership skills in organizational improvement.

    Our Lean Six Sigma certification provides comprehensive training in identifying and addressing organizational problems. Learn how to recognize causes, collect appropriate data, and develop a plan that accomplishes your organizational goals.

    This certification is for you if you would like to increase your return on investment, market share, and customer satisfaction ratings. With a collaborative approach to change management, you will be positioned to identify solutions to problems and effect lasting change.

    Benefit from face-to-face instruction, online support, and one-on-one coaching from our team of talented professors. You will receive customized training to enhance your organizational effectiveness and excel in your vocational calling.



    Seminary Degrees to Fit Your Needs

    A Quality Private Education Close to Home Without All of the Debt













    We aim to shape servant leaders with knowledge, skill, and passion to revitalize the church and evangelize the world in the power of the Spirit. 

    If your calling is to evangelize and nurture as a servant-leader in the church, consider Assemblies of God Theological Seminary as the institution to lead you toward your ministry. At AGTS, scholarship is integrated with practical application in a context specific to your calling.

    As a graduate-level educational institution within the evangelical and Pentecostal tradition, the seminary affirms the Bible as God’s written Word, the inspired, infallible, and authoritative rule for faith and conduct. Affiliated with The General Council of the Assemblies of God, the seminary’s doctrinal commitment is found in the Statement of Fundamental Truths.

    Master of Divinity (M.A.)

    TERMS:  Spring, Fall
    FORMAT:  Residential, Hybrid & Online
    COST PER CREDIT:  $565

    Offered as a residential, hybrid, or online program, the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree at AGTS is a leading edge program designed to enable:

    • A deep grasp of God’s mission in the world and its development throughout history to the present
    • Skills for interpreting the Scriptures
    • Appreciation for and experience of the empowering of God’s Spirit in transformation and ministry
    • Rigorous reflection on Christian truths
    • Holistic leadership for engaging contemporary challenges
    • Effective evangelism, disciple-making, and meeting of community needs
    • Practical competencies needed for ministry in a pluralistic society

    The M.Div. prepares students for pastoral and other vocational ministries in the church, teaching ministries in local Districts and churches, and for advanced graduate programs in Bible and Theology (e.g., Ph.D., and ministry (e.g., D.Min.)

    Overview of Curriculum:

    • Mission of God & World Christianity – 12 credits
    • Bible & Theology – 27 credits
    • Practical Theology – 24 credits
    • Electives – 9 credits
    • Field Education & Research Project – 3 credits
    • Theological Research & Writing – 3 credits
    • Total – 78 credits
    Intercultural Studies (M.A.)

    The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAIS) is a 48-credit degree serving those preparing for multi-cultural ministry in a domestic or foreign context. Students take an intercultural practicum under the guidance of an experienced mentor. The MAIS allows for up to nine credits of approved courses to be taken by prior approval from a foreign school and integrated into the program at AGTS. Concentration options include:

    • Intercultural Studies
    • Global Missions
    • Member Care
    • Islamic Studies 

    Degree Program Overview

    The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAIS) is a 48-credit degree designed to form leaders with a thorough understanding of God’s mission for the Church and the interpersonal and intercultural communication skills essential for productive ministry in cross-cultural settings. The program helps students integrate anthropology, psychology, sociology and theology to inform the task of world evangelization and the planting and nurturing of the Church. It also trains missionaries and other cross-cultural workers for roles in theological education and the development of leaders.

    Master of Leadership & Ministry (M.A.)

    The Master of Leadership and Ministry (MLM) is a 45-credit professional studies degree, equipping ministers to become life-long learners and to develop models of personal and professional growth. It can be done online or on campus. The program prepares participants for vocational ministries in the Church. Those with limited experience in ministry leadership are encouraged to take at least one practicum as part of their electives.

    A bilingual Spanish cohort option is available for those interested in a combined Spanish and English program of study. For more information about the bilingual Spanish cohort, please contact our AGTS Enrollment Coordinator, Nik White at 417.815.5362 or Read the AGTS brochure in Spanish.

    Program Overview

    See the AGTS Catalog for the specific courses in each category.

    • Bible/Theology Core – 9 credits
    • Foundations Core – 15 credits
    • Ministry Core – 12 credits
    • Practical Theology Electives – 9 credits
    • Total – 45 credits
    Theological Studies (M.A.)

    The Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS) is designed to serve as an intermediate degree for further graduate programs in biblical and theological studies. It is also designed to provide advanced biblical and theological training for ministers who want to enhance their ministry in specialized areas such as teaching and church-related writing. The program is based on an important set of core courses, but allows the student the flexibility of up to 18 credits to provide the best preparation for the student’s future goals.

    Program Overview

    • Mission of God and World Christianity (9 credits)
    • Bible and Theology (15 credits)
    • Theological Research (6 credits)
    • Optional Concentration or Area of Focus (15 credits)
    • General Elective (3 credits)
    Master of Theology (Th.M.)

    A student who holds the Master of Divinity degree, or first graduate theological degree providing equivalent theological background (including the requisite biblical languages), may apply for admission to the degree of Master of Theology (Th.M.). The program requires 32 credits.

    The Th.M. program is designed for the student to advance his or her knowledge of a major field of theological research, particularly through the acquisition of, and practice in, the methods and tools of theological research. The student will advance his or her preparation for pastoral ministry, teaching ministry, or for more advanced graduate study. The following three concentrations are offered: Old Testament Interpretation and Biblical Theology, New Testament Interpretation and Biblical Theology, and Biblical Exegesis and Systematic Theology.

    The Th.M. program emphasizes the integration of, and reciprocal influence of, hermeneutics, exegesis, biblical theology and systematic theology. Th.M. students study in the modular courses of the Ph.D. in Biblical Interpretation and Theology.

    Degree Components and Requirements

    • Core Components (20 credits)
    • Reading Courses (4 credits)
    • Summative Exam
    • Electives (Choose 2 classes* or Thesis Course) (8 credits)
    • *See AGTS Catalog for specific courses in each category.

    Program Schedule

    A one-week, residential modular format for the course work is provided to facilitate in-service professionals. Courses are offered in February (one week), June (two weeks), and October (one week). One course may be taken per week. Additional trips to Springfield may be required for study and mentoring purposes.

     Tentative Course Schedule

    Class Schedule: Monday through Friday 8 am – 5 pm, unless otherwise noted.

    See the AGTS Catalog for a complete listing/description of the courses.

    Biblical Interpretation & Theology (Ph.D.)

    The Ph.D. in Biblical Interpretation and Theology (BTH) will empower and equip twenty-first-century Pentecostal scholars for academic and ministry leadership. If you answer yes to the following questions, the Ph.D. in Biblical Interpretation and Theology may be the place for you!

    • Are you ready to be a leader in your academic field, contributing new insights for the twenty-first century church?
    • Are you committed to leadership training and have the capabilities and credentials to lead new institutions?
    • Are you a pastor and/or professor called to address contemporary issues with sound biblical-theological principles?

    Are you capable of excellent exegesis, original thinking, disciplined learning, speaking, and writing?

    Program Overview

    The Ph.D. BTH program is a 60-credit program culminating in a terminal academic degree, preparing the graduate for a teaching ministry, improved pulpit ministry, or a writing/publishing ministry. The three academic foci of the program are New Testament Interpretation and Biblical Theology, Old Testament Interpretation and Biblical Theology, or Biblical Exegesis and Systematic Theology.

    The Ph.D. BTH program consists of:

    • 20 credits of core seminars
    • 8 credits of supervised readings
    • 20 credits of electives
    • Comprehensive exams
    • 12 credits for the Dissertation proposal, research, and writing

    Classes are offered in one-week modules (each for four credits), four times per year: February, June (first two full weeks), and October. An average student load is 12-16 credits per year; full time status requires at least 4 credits per semester. The coursework for the program can be completed within three years; an additional two years, at least, are required for the comprehensive exams and the dissertation; thus, the program usually is at least five years in duration.

    Students can begin the Ph.D. BTH program in either of the four course opportunities. To begin courses in February, all application files must be submitted by December 1. To begin courses in June, all application files must be submitted by April 1. To begin courses in October, all application files must be submitted by August 1.

    Applied Intercultural Studies (DAIS)

    The AGTS Doctor of Applied Intercultural Studies (DAIS) recognizes the priority of the Holy Spirit’s person and power in accomplishing the mission of God (Missio Dei) and creates an environment in which students can experience the kind of learning that connects them more deeply to the Spirit’s work in mission and allows them to focus their program on specific application of their learning in the field. The DAIS (formerly known as the Doctor of Missiology program) has risen to serve these intercultural ministry and missions leaders by:

    • Enhancing missionary practice and resources
    • Preparing participants to teach missiology at any level
    • Building foundations for training missionaries overseas
    • Equipping leaders for compassion ministries

    Degree Program Overview

    The AGTS Doctor of Applied Intercultural Studies consists of 48 credits earned in 10 modules, an area studies research tutorial, and a professional project, and is built around several components.

    • Pentecostal perspective: Distinctive emphasis on Spirit-empowered mission in a global context.
    • Lifestyle fit: Relocating to Springfield is not necessary; the DAIS requires only five visits to AGTS over the course of the program.
    • Cohort experience: Learning and growth occur through the bonds formed with other career missionaries and intercultural servants in a diverse small group setting.
    • Modular convenience: Courses are taught in two, one-week blocks scheduled back-to-back allowing two classes on one airfare.
    • Contextualized study: Area studies, special study with an approved educational provider and/or tutelage offer field-based training.

    Delivery format

    A modular format requires five trips to AGTS over three years (all in July and December). Two courses are taken during each two-week session. Participants earn 48 credits in:

    • Five Core courses
    • Three Track courses (Missiological Studies or Relief and Development)
    • Three Elective courses
    • Project

    A modular format requires five trips to AGTS over three years (all in July and December). Two courses are taken during each two-week session.

    Intercultural Studies (Ph.D.)

    The AGTS Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies (Ph.D./ICS) facilitates the development and academic certification of vocations in missiological and intercultural teaching and scholarship by:

    • Providing an environment and essential tools that enable research and theological reflection:
    • Creating a unique learning experience customized to each student’s call, gifts and academic interest;
    • Equipping missiologists for research, teaching and missional praxis in an increasingly complex multicultural
      world; and
    • Giving credible voice to scholar practitioner missionaries and national leaders before the academy and the church.
      The Intercultural Doctoral Studies programs are uniquely Pentecostal focused on developing scholar practitioners with a rich Pentecostal missiological heritage including likely the best Pentecostal Missions library in the world with access to the archives of the Flower Heritage Center.

    Degree Program Overview

    The Ph.D./ICS consists of 60 credits earned in 10 modules, one area studies research tutorial, three dissertation research courses, and a research dissertation, and is built around several components. A modular format requires five trips to AGTS over three years (all in July and December). Two classes are taken during each two-to three-week session.

    Ministry (D.Min.)

    Reimagining the Future of Pentecostal Leadership

    The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) is a program designed to expand the influence of leaders worth following. It is the premier professional degree for men and women in full-time ministry seeking advanced training and is designed to equip leaders with ministry competencies at the highest level.

    The AGTS D.Min. is a journey of personal transformation because we believe that the leader’s interior life is the starting point for authentic and effective ministry influence. The program is shaped to match your ministry context and personal growth as a unique leader. Our participants and alumni represent multiple nationalities and denominations. They are leading innovative ministries in over twenty-six nations around the world.

    Program Overview

    • No need to relocate – you need only travel to AGTS three (3) times per year (February, June and October) for one-week modules
    • Designed around the cohort experience, providing opportunities for learning and growth through bonds formed in diverse small group relationships.
    • New cohorts begin every October. Although the program takes approximately four-five years to complete, the benefits begin on the first day!

    Coursework Requirements

    The program consists of three phases:
    1) Core Courses
    2) Elective Courses
    3) Professional Project


      The D.Min. experience is flexible, and can be customized to your needs by taking advantage of our many concentrations:

      • Missional Leadership
      • Biblical Preaching
      • Engaging Culture
      • Islamic Studies
      • Military Chaplaincy
      • Self Design Option





      Evangel University is a comprehensive Christian university committed to excellence in educating and equipping students to become Spirit-empowered servants of God who impact the Church and society globally. For over 90 years, Evangel University has been producing Spirit-led professionals in the marketplace and in ministry.

      At Evangel, we focus on preparing students to bring into the world values that will have a positive impact on a global scale. The values and objectives we encourage are an essential element of the Evangel University education.

      The pursuit of truth, regardless of where it is found, is a basic commitment of the University. As a community of scholars and students, the University seeks to discover, apply, and communicate that truth. At Evangel University, we emphasize ideas, values, awareness, and appreciation in our students.

      Your Calling. Our Passion. We want to be there to help you achieve your goals and pursue your calling. From Start to Future.

      Evangel University Mission

      Our commitment to the integration of faith, learning and life attracts students from a wide variety of Christian denominational backgrounds who have a strong commitment to academics with a desire to combine their Christian faith with every aspect of their lives.

      Evangel University’s campus life is vibrant, with dozens of clubs, activities, chapels, dorm devotionals, and sports teams. Being part of Evangel means being part of a community. There are many opportunities to make connections, and the community life here is one of the things that makes Evangel special.

      Pursue your passion and calling both inside and outside of your academic program in the thriving community at Evangel. From the classrooms to the cafeteria, the residence halls to the gym, students from all backgrounds plug-in and find a place of belonging in Evangel’s unique culture. There are countless opportunities to try new things, get involved, discover strengths, and grow in leadership.

      Our vibrant community is preparing for all the great things God has in store! With over 70 academic programs and more than 40 clubs and activities, you’ll find your place here at Evangel. This is a place where you can find God and His plan for you. 

      Evangel University Spiritual Focus

      The Spiritual Life Department partners with students toward holistic development through spiritual formation, discipleship and service to engage in Christ-centered living.

      All spiritual life activities for the university are coordinated through the Spiritual Life Department. Chapel services emphasize worship, the Word of God, and real-life stories of God’s grace leading to personal encounters with Him. The department also oversees CROSSwalk Student Ministries – a student-led ministry organization.

      At Evangel you’ll find your place to grow! We have opportunities for everyone to plug in and engage spiritually. 


      Evangel University faculty have experience in the disciplines they teach, so they can guide students to transform academic theory into key skills that can be applied to today’s job markets. Our faculty are selected on the strength of their credentials, overall experience, commitment to Christian education and willingness to be accessible to students and support the collaborative academic environment important to hands-on learning.

      Our faculty are committed to bolstering students’ growth academically and spiritually. They are trained and certified to teach online classes. The faculty at Evangel University are immersed in online education and you can trust they’re equipped to help you be successful in your adult education.


      Evangel University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to award associate, baccalaureate and master’s degrees. To learn more about the accreditation of Evangel University please visit

      Evangel University is committed to creating and maintaining a culture of assessment throughout the institution. Student learning is a priority and the University endeavors to assure a high quality education through a continuous process of assessment and improvement.

      The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary is part of Evangel University and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of The Association of Theological Schools (ATS), the internationally recognized accrediting body of seminaries and schools of divinity in the United States and Canada. For AGTS’ full accreditation information please visit

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